pic2A father and son company, America’s Best Siding Co. began in 2008 and has been expanding ever since.

“As a builder, I was constantly on the lookout for good suppliers providing quality products. With the increasing popularity of metal roofing material, such as standing seam roofs, I saw the need for a manufacturer of these materials in our area.”Coby BartramOwner of America’s Best Siding Co.

The manufacturing work revolves around three highly technical pieces of metal-shaping equipment: a roll former, a slitter and a folder. They shape rolls of steel into preformed building materials, primarily roofing or siding for pole barns, commercial buildings and metal building trim.

There is a growing attractiveness, for residents, of a steel roof due to its durability, a 40 year warranty, and compared to a 20 year warranty for most traditional shingle roofing. We market the steel primarily to builders, but also selling to building supply outlets.

The specialists at America’s Best Siding are up to date on new materials and building products, to help keep your home safe. We keep with the standards of excellence and deadlines, to always provide you the highest levels of quality and services.

We will be able to give you multiple options that are affordable for your budget and a work estimate that will meet your expectations. Contact us for a quote.

To keep our customers and employees safe, we are reducing our hours to 8:00 – 4:00 M-F (Closed Sat and Sun). Our delivery service is available and we recommend calling in your orders instead of visiting.